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Childbirth Education Course

Photography from Lundies PhotographyCourse objective:
To educate expecting parents so they are comfortable and confident with their upcoming labor and delivery. Through education, parents are more prepared in making knowledgeable decisions that directly impact a more positive experience.


In-Home, Private Childbirth Education Classes
Home classes are taught one-on-one in the comfort of your home. These private classes are individually tailored to support you with the challenges of labor and birth.  This option is best for those with challenging schedules and mothers onbed rest. These classes are offered year round.

Classes are scheduled on weekends and are approximately 4.5 hours in length. I will need you to provide a source for watching one DVD, I will supply everything else. The fee is $120.00 within Wake County ($140.00 for outside Wake County).

Home classes are available year round.

For more information or to schedule a home class, please contact Hope at 919-306-3066.


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